10 Strange Behaviors Explained

Dogs are man’s best friend, and man’s best friend can be sort of weird sometimes. Know one understands this better than Splash and Dash for Dogs. This video, 10 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained, was posted by YouTube channel geobeats–a channel that posts videos of interesting facts ranging in varying topics. Splash and Dash for Dogs, watched, learned, and did a rundown for you guys for insights into pet health. Enjoy!


  1. Ever notice that your dog faces the same direction while using the bathroom? It is true, dogs have a strong tendency to move their bowels on a North-South axis. The science behind this is vague, but it has something to do with the magnetic fields governing the Earth.


  1. Urinating with one leg up. Male dogs have a habit of lifting one leg while they go about urinating. This is not only done to keep clean, but is also an instinctual behavior. The act of urinating on various things marks territory. When a dog lifts their leg they appear more dominant because their bodies are making a vertical line that makes them appear more dominant.


  1. After using the bathroom dogs will kick up the grass. From a dog owner\’s perspective, it looks as if dogs are just doing this to clean themselves. This is true. But dogs also do it to release pheromones for property cleansing purposes.


  1. Why do dogs sleep on their back in that goofy position? The reason is actually pretty cute. The posture shows security. When a dog curls up to sleep, they are protecting their vital organs from predators. Years of domestication has allowed dogs to sleep on their backs, with their stomach up, vulnerable to predators. This behavior shows owners that their dog feels comfortable and safe.


  1. Sticking their heads outside of the window. Splash and Dash for Dogs wants to be clear. There is no scientific evidence to support why dogs do this. The video also acknowledges this. Reasoning is that dogs most likely  simply like doing it. Not only is it enjoyable because they can smell and see things better than having their head inside the car. Also, if you’ve ever watched your dog’s face while they do this, it’s pretty clear they love the wind blowing against their face.


  1. Smelling other dogs behinds. While it may seem gross to humans, this behavior is actually a way for dogs to discern different information about the age and sex of other dogs. Dogs secrete a chemical compound out of their posterior region. Smelling other dog’s butts is just a way for your doggie to say hello and figure out the story of the other dog.


  1. Circling the bed before they lie down. Animal behaviorists experts believe dogs circle the bed because their ancestors did this to pack down leaves and grass. Even after domestication, the behavior stuck.


  1. Why does my dog chase his own tail? This may be a little disheartening for owners, but it may imply that your dog has OCD, or the dog equivalent-CCD. Canine Compulsive Disorder is a real disorder and chasing the tail is a symptom of this. Splash and Dash for Dogs recognizes the trait, but urges owners not worry, and to seek out veterinary advice before making any decisions.


  1. Why do dogs tilt their head? There are a number of answers to this question. Scientists believe that tilting the head helps dogs comprehend more sights and sounds. Experts also believe that it might be a social cue based on human reaction to the cuteness of head tilting.


  1. Why is my dog eating grass? Again! Dogs eat grass because they enjoy it. It also helps them clear their gastrointestinal tract, and this knowledge is commonly shared between dog owners. Wild wolves have also been observed eating grass. Although dogs are completely carnivorous they do posses the ability to digest some starches and carbohydrates. This is natural act. Splash and Dash for Dogs notes that it can lead to having a dog vomit or have an irregular bowel movement, so be careful!
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