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3 Benefits of Dog Grooming

The obvious benefit of dog grooming is a clean, pretty dog. But it goes deeper than aesthetics. There are a few benefits you should know about when you take your pet in for dog services.


Improved Mental State

Freshly groomed dogs exhibit an improved mental state and that affects behavior. Greasy, matted hair, nails in need of a trim, dirty, stained eyes, ears that are black and crusty on the inside can make our canine companions feel neglected. Notice how happy your dog is after a day at the salon? Put yourself in their paws, it’s a spa day, and we all know how good that feels.


Better Behavior\"pet_grooming_services\"

A day of pampering often leads to better behavior. A happy dog, one that feels good, is more friendly and energetic. Trim the hair out of their eyes and they can see better. Trim the nails and the pain is gone. All of these things can take a dog from depressed to happy. Even pups that do not like having their nails clipped will enjoy their dog grooming.


Healthier Home

Good pet hygiene also affects your family. Brushing removes dead hair and dirt. This alone can help to reduce allergens and improve indoor air quality. Also the hair and dirt is the favorite living quarters for bacteria, mites, fleas and ticks. Fleas cause tapeworms and those parasites can be transmitted to humans as well. Germs can accumulate inside a dogs nails and those extra long nails can scratch.

Grooming is a responsible way to take care of your pet’s mental and physical well

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