Cat Plays Dead Fooling the Dog

Cat Plays Dead and Fools the Dog


Watching our pets can be better than the old school slapstick cartoons of the 1990s. Dog chases cat. Cat tricks dog. Owner comes home and cleans up the mess the pet-children made while owner was at work. Classic. This scenario is acted out on camera in today’s viral video, Oh my God! He’s Dead! The video  uploaded abroad via YouTube by user ignoramusky shows the “dog chase cat” dynamic in the funniest way.

The video begins with a dog and cat seemingly in the middle of an epic chase. The cat is lying on the ground in the fetal position. Ominous music is playing in the background for comic effect. Too funny. The dog is totally tricked into believing that the cat is dead. He sniffs at the cat and looks sad to have lost his buddy. Subtitles show the inner thoughts of the dog that are clear in his facial expressions.

All of a sudden the cat stirs, and the trick’s up. There is a second where the animals look into each other’s eyes. You can almost feel the dog realizing he’s tricked. The cat is out of the bag. (Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves). The chase is on! The cat and dog proceed to chase each other around the yard for the rest of the video.

This is a too familiar scenario for pet owners with both cats and dogs in the house. Or even dogs and dogs, or even cats and cats. Hey, animals chase each other. That’s mother nature, and we at Splash and Dash for Dog’s love every second of it.


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