7 Tips to Lessen your Dogs Anxiety During Fireworks

Do Fireworks panic your puppy? Advice to reduce the fourth of July stress in dogs.


As our fellow Pawtriots look forward to the July 4th festivities, anxiety levels rise. Surprisingly, not all dogs are actually afraid of fireworks. This fourth of July, if you have a puppy or any new dog for that matter, it\’s important to remember your dog will take emotional cues from you.

Here are 7 ways to reduce the stress and get through the booms.

  1. Mindful or Manic.

    If you\’re unsure how your dog is going to react to a firework show, leave them at home. Be mindful of the event and length of the day and if you\’re unsure always leave your pup at home. Some dogs are better around loud eruptions of noises than others. July fourth is the leading holiday for missing dogs.

  2. Create a safe haven.

    Curating a private space to escape to can assure you your dog is safe during the discomfort of the fireworks. Typically this space will be a familiar one that you\’ve found your pup nestled in before. In some cases, this may be a less typical hiding space, like under a stairwell, in a basement, a closet or beneath the bed. Regardless of the chosen bunker, be sure the space is furnished with low light, familiar surroundings, and away from the visual stimulation of the booms. Fill the space with all the creature comforts and always make sure your dog is indoors before any fireworks begin.

  3. Pawsitive Reassurance!

    Positively reassure your dog. Providing the attention and comfort the way you know best will get your dog in a healthy headspace. It is most important to keep your personal emotions calm regarding their anxiousness. Our pets can feel our energy and sense the doubt or unrest in our voice or body – this will alarm them and increase anxiety.

  4. Consider anti-anxiety aids.

    From CBD to body wraps, there are several treatments or strategies that could help reduce your pup’s stress. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach for firework or anxiety remedies but there are countless products that could be well suited for your pups\’ personality and unique disposition.

  5. Don\’t Forget the Obvious!

    Feed, water, and relieve your dog well before the fireworks begin. Not wanting to eat, drink, or leave a room once the noise begins is completely normal. An empty stomach or a full bladder can become unnecessary stressors adding to your dog\’s worries. You can help your dog to avoid and alleviate additional pressures.

  6. Dog Gone Tired.

    In the day leading up to fireworks, take the actions to properly exhaust your pup. A tired dog is a calm dog, get as much exercise in as possible before the bangs begin! If your dog is drowsy enough they will be too sleepy to truly panic.

  7. Busy is Better than Bored.

    A few minutes before the fireworks start, give your dog a special treat to aid as a distraction. Don\’t be upset if they ignore your kind gesture,  there\’s a lot going on outside! Post navigation

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