Dope for Dogs- Understanding Marijuana for Pets

As laws regarding marijuana use become more lax, people are using marijuana and marijuana laced products more often than before. While there are many medical and recreational benefits of this substance, the number of pets being dosed with marijuana is also increasing. This can be done in a number of ways, such as putting cannabis oil on their dog food or other products from the pet store. If you have a pet then there are a few things you should know about this.


Is it Safe?

\"red A shiba inu waits on the couch for treats or dog food

This topic is just about as hot a debate as the best dog food to give your pet. While it is getting closer to being fully legalized for people in the US (at least medicinally), it is nowhere near ready to be deemed safe for animals. There are many individual case studies that have shown the benefits for animals suffering from certain health conditions. This will be looked at more in The Medical Benefits of Marijuana for Dogs.


Is it Legal?

It is illegal for any vet to prescribe marijuana for pets, though they may recommend this for treatment. If you get medicinal marijuana you can use this for your pet, such as in their dog food. However, unless you live in a state where marijuana is legalized or at least decriminalized, it simply is not legal.


What Do They Use?

\"yellow This dog looks tuckered out after a long day and is cuddling with a stuffed beat on a couch. Can medicinal marijuana help improve quality of life?

When many think about using marijuana on dogs, they think about smoking a joint and blowing the smoke in their dogs face. While this could get them high, it is not the ideal way to use marijuana for your pet. This is because it is difficult to judge Post navigation

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