Dog Swims out to Greet Pod of Dolphins

Swimming Pup is Amazing Example of Dog Wellness

Animals can perform some amazing feats in nurturing, and in athleticism, when we are around to watch it happen, it can be a truly amazing experience. The Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique family are blessed to be able to work alongside animals everyday, and it is safe to say that we have an intrinsic calling to these animals to make us active in the work of dog wellness. When we saw this video it resonated in our hearts.

The video captures some amazing footage of a dog swimming out in open ocean to get a better look at a pod of dolphins in Hawaii. The dog, Sandy, had only been on a boat once before, but she loves to swim. Joe Noonan, who uploaded the video is Sandy’s owner and states that Sandy can swim over half a mile, and is a responsible pet parent who has Sandy’s dog wellness in mind.

One of the most impressive moments of the video was when Sandy first notices the dolphins while she’s still in the boat. As the dolphins come into view you can see the fins surfacing and the dog’s head turns looking straight at the mysterious disturbance in the ocean–she is intrigued. Soon Sandy jumps in and begins doggy paddling out to greet the pod. Dog’s are naturally curious creatures and the swim is great for a dog like Sandy who needs an adventure for her dog wellness.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique hopes you enjoyed the video!

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