Dogs who love to swim

We all know that most dogs avoid the bath like the plague but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the pool. Who doesn’t enjoy cooling down after a long, hot summer day? In honor of the start of summer, we have created a compilation of videos of dogs enjoying the water in their own way.

Diving Boxer

You may associate the doggy paddle  with dogs but the truth is that this dog’s skills go way beyond that. He is great at holding his breath and fetching the toys from the bottom of the pool. This is one dog who would be great to have over for pool parties!


Chihuahua Kiddie Pool

OK sure this is a kiddie pool, but chihuahuas are tiny little things so a small pool doesn’t mean they aren’t swimming. This one looks like she’s trying to master her agility skills as she swims through these small tunnels. Whether she is or not, it’s still down right adorable.


The School of Golden Retrievers in the Lake


It’s no secret that golden retrievers love the water. This pack of goldies following this guy sure does prove this. These dogs are quick and as the video progresses, their numbers get larger as more and more want to join in on the aquatic fun.


The High Dive


This dog makes jumping off the high dive at the local pool look like cake work. Not only does he dive into the water, he dives at astounding heights. Either by himself or with his owner, this dog proves even if you are small you can still accomplish feats from great heights.


Pool Loungers

When buying pool equipment you may think that a pool lounger can be great for soaking up the sun, having a stiff drink and enjoying a dip when you get too warm. Well here are two golden retrievers who think the same thing about these pool loungers. At least they know how to enjoy the summer in style.

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