Understanding the Rotational Diet with Dog Food

We here at Splash and Dash for Dogs want our dogs to lead happy, clean and healthy lives. If our Crappy Picture contest is any indication, we are not just a dog grooming service, we are dog lovers. We care about what comes out of our dogs because we understand that it’s a direct result of what goes inside our dogs.
The conventional pet diet limits our best friends to the same food for each meal. Would you eat a salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Why should our dogs? Feeding the same dog food incessantly raises the risk of saturating our pets with the same nutrients and depriving them of another. It also exposes them to the common toxins found in canned dog food.
This is why we promote a rotational diet that varies proteins, veggies and fruits. The diet rotates from raw, can, fresh and dry dog food with the selections of meat, fish and poultry.


The Benefits:


With a rotational diet you:\"Understanding

  • Reduce risk of food allergies
  • Improve Hydration
  • Reduce Pickiness
  • Improve Behavior
  • May Find It\’s Convenient


Raw: A diet consisting of raw meat, organ meat, bone, and fat reflects what your pet would eat in its natural habitat. The inclusion of raw food is recommended by veterinary experts as an important source of protein, moisture, and vital nutrients.

Dry: Apart from having proteins, fats, fibers, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, kibble food’s rough surface is an excellent plaque remover and vital to dogs’ oral health.

Canned Food: Canned diets offer complete and balanced nutrition in a form that provides beneficial levels of moisture for optimal pet health.

Fresh: 100% all natural freshly prepared meals of meats & vegetables, also known as table scrap, are minimally processed or cooked and contains high levels of minerals and nutrients. Fresh fruit (apple slices, carrots etc.) and vegetables make great all natural treats.

Feed your dog a little bit of everything! Our locations have all the dog food necessary for your dog’s rotational diet.


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