Five Easter Holiday Activities For You and the Dog

Spring is in full blossom and the snow should finally be melting away letting the grass and flowers bloom. Most of us have been cooped up in our houses for the winter, especially our dogs. Why not make you and your pooches big outing during the Easter Holiday?

Nothing says spring more than getting out of the house and into the sun. Don\’t forget your dog! Fido is probably just as eager to get some exercise and enjoy the new season as you are.

Here are five awesome Easter Holiday activities that are fun for the whole family—including the four-legged members.

Easter Holiday Egg Hunt

Dogs are naturally curious animals. They use their sniffers to explore the world around them and need plenty of exercise and exploration to stay in good mental and physical shape. Setting up a holiday Easter Egg Hunt is great fun and exercise for your dog. Plus, the whole family can enjoy watching all the excitement go down!

A doggie Easter egg hunt works the same as with humans. Just use dog treats instead of candy. Dogs can sniff out treats inside the plastic eggs and will search high and low to find them. Gauge your dog\’s energy level and curiosity. Use this to guide where you hide your eggs. If your dog is high-energy and very curious, take your Easter Holiday egg hunt to the dog park. If you have a lap dog that just needs the motivation to get off the couch plant a few treats in eggs around the house.  

When my dog finds an egg, I open the egg for them to avoid them chewing through the plastic and risking swallowing.

If your dog is prone to chewing everything in front of them, you may want to opt out of this activity or use small gift bags instead of plastic eggs. Swallowing small plastic pieces can harm a dog\’s mouth and throat.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique will be hosting a two-week long Easter egg hunt in our shops from April 1-15th. Eggs will be hidden throughout the store and have specials hidden within. Feel free to visit a shop and find your own lucky egg!

Visit the Easter Bunny

I have a few really corny, but really special traditions with my dog for the holidays. Every Christmas we take a picture for the Christmas card. Every Easter holiday we take a picture, well, just for me. Keeps me going until 4th of July!

I die of cuteness overload every time.

Malls, pet rescue organizations, and churches will often schedule a photo-op with the Easter bunny. This your chance to get a great picture to commemorate the love you have for your dog. You can use the picture as an Easter Holiday greeting card, post it to social media like pack dog, or just frame it for the house.

Please be wary of your dog\’s temperament before you take them to a public indoor place for photos. If your dog is not great with strangers—especially ones in theatrical costumes—this might not be the best activity. Also, never scold your dog while posing. Instead, bring one of their favorite toys or treats to motivate them to smile.

Retail Therapy

What is better than taking the pooch out for a little shop \’til you drop session? Just you and your two best friends—Fido and the plastic charge card! With over 77.8 million dog owners in the U.S., stores are taking down the \”No Dogs Allowed,\” signs and letting the dogs shop. Chances are if they don\’t sell food, Fido\’s good to go in.

Maybe you need some new shoes? Bring your dog to help you sniff out the perfect deal. If you have a dog stroller, the mall is the perfect place to use this increasingly popular accessory.  If you want to put your dog down into the cart it might be a good idea to bring a towel or dog bed. This will help them feel comfortable inside the cart and prevent their feet from falling through the slots.

Remember, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has all your dog\’s favorite toys, food, and accessories. So don\’t forget about their retail therapy. You can also drop your dog off, go shopping, and pick them up after they\’ve been groomed with our convenient signature service.  

Go Get Some Exercise

We all get a little cramped and sedentary during the winter with the snow keeping us inside. Easter Holiday is the perfect time to go outside and get a new exercise routine started. Make it fun!

Try out a new trail to hike around your area. Many smartphone apps like all AllTrails can clue you into dog-friendly hiking trails. Apps suggest trails for you based on intensity and length. This is a great way to spend time with your dog as you can both take in the sights and smells of the great outdoors.

If you\’re in the city, maybe try and switch up the routine path. Instead of taking a right at the door, take a left. Your dog might appreciate the newness more than you think. Every smell and experience for a dog during a walk is a new exploration for them. Let your dog explore their world!

Take Me Out the Ballgame!

Nothing beats a Baseball game and with Spring training launching into the regular season. Now\’s the time to get to a game. The Major League Baseball has a huge list of dog-friendly games on their website. If you\’re lucky enough to be in Arizona, as a Diamondbacks fan, the team launched their season-long-dog-friendly park last year. You can now take your dog to all thirteen home games for the 2017 season.

Many minor league parks are also dog-friendly. Call ahead or check on their website about bringing your pooch to the game.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wishes you a happy Easter Holiday and hopes you and your pets enjoy yourself all year long!


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