Four Pet Groomer Shed Busting Tips for a Cleaner Home

All dogs and cats shed. This is a natural process to rid loose or damaged hair from an animal\’s coat. Dog\’s coats will grow thicker during the winter to help insulate their body and shed during the summer to keep cool. Dogs with skin conditions or allergies may also shed excessively. There is no way to stop shedding, but there are ways to control it and keep your house cleaner. These pet groomer tips can help!

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Depending on how thick your dog\’s coat is you will want to brush them consistently, if not daily. Brush them outside or in an area you\’re okay with letting loose hairs fall in. Brushing keeps your dog\’s coat healthy, cleaner, and less likely to shed.

Also, make sure you\’re using the right brush. Shedding blades, slicker brushes, and mat breakers all have different uses. Talk to your pet groomer on which to use.

Pet Groomer Choice Diet

A healthy diet is crucial for coat health. If you\’re dog is eating poorly and not getting the nutrition they need, it will show in their nails, teeth, and most blatantly their coat.

Feed your dog a nutritious diet with plenty of B vitamins for a stronger coat.

Control Allergies and Fleas

Allergies, fleas, and ticks provoke excessive scratching which makes hair fly everywhere. Talk to your veterinarian about proper allergy and flea relief.

Don\’t Skip the Baths

The healthier a dog\’s skin and coat are, the less they shed. A pet groomer can bathe your dog routinely. This will ensure their coat is healthy and all damaged hairs are removed. This helps save time and money cleaning and covering furniture.

If All Else Fails…

During the hotter months of spring and summer shedding can get out of control. If you have tried everything and still can\’t contain all the hair, try taking your dog to Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique for our \’Shed No More\’ service and treatment.

The service is 100% guaranteed!

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