Is Pet Insurance Necessary?

As a pet owner and pet lover, when adopting a fur baby one of the first questions we ask ourselves is “ should I get pet insurance?”  There’s no way to tell what will happen in the future, you can’t predict if your pet will get sick or how much it will cost. No matter how careful or responsible we are, our puppies always seem to find and eat something they shouldn’t and kittens climb and stumble off high surfaces. An unexpected visit to the vet and a hefty veterinary bill,makes us wonder if we should get pet insurance… 


Pet Insurance Pros

  • Provides your pet with affordable care.
  • Costly emergency procedures are usually covered. 
  • Most offer discounts when insuring one or more pets, or for purchasing a year plan.
  • You can customize your coverage.

Pet Insurance Cons

  • With some plans, pre-existing conditions may not be covered.
  • Many breed specific conditions may not be covered.
  • You are likely to pay for more than you get back.




Pet health insurance works similar to property insurance. You purchase coverage from an insurance provider, and your plan reimburses you for certain expenses related to your pet’s healthcare. With most insurance companies you get reimbursed up to 80-90% of the vet bill, after your deductible is met. 


What Most Plans Cover

  • Unexpected injuries/accidents 
  • Unexpected illnesses
  • Surgery
  • Prescription medication 
  • Emergency exam fees


What Is Not Covered

  • Pre-existing conditions 
  • Routine care/ wellness exams
  • Preventative care
  • Spay / Neuter
  • Vaccinations


Most pet owners don\’t think about a vet budget when they adopt a pet, and we don\’t blame you! Families are so eager to introduce a new pet into their lives that they adopt first and worry about expenses later. We know how expensive adopting a pet can be, so we’ve come up with a reasonably priced alternative to pet insurance, Splash and Dash’s Routine Care Memberships!  Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is a pet store franchise that lives by the motto, “ Play Dirty — Live Clean.” They’re known for their Routine Care Memberships that allow you to bring your dog in for a bath and brush, once a month, once a week or unlimited amount of times with ZERO hassles! 




In addition to a bath and brush, enjoy a complimentary 6 point wellness check, sent directly to your phone, after every routine care visit! The 6 point wellness check is a convenient and FREE feature that is included in the Routine Care Memberships. If you don’t want to spend money on pet insurance for your fur baby, signing up for a Routine Care Membership is going to be the most cost-efficient alternative.


The 6 point wellness check covers inspections on your dogs:

  • Nails
  • Ears
  • Coat
  • Behavior
  • Teeth & Gums
  • Skin
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