Look How Happy These Dogs are Playing at the Beach

Who doesn’t love dog videos? We love them and know most pet parents do as well. This is why we decided to find our favorite videos of dogs at the beach to celebrate the summer (because what says summer fun more than a trip to the beach?).


The Play Date

These dogs seem to be having the time of their life playing in the shallow water at the beach together. If you have a beach nearby, consider a group outing with other pet parents to the dog beach.



A Family Outing

This short video shows this family having fun with their two dogs. They run and play and frolic. There are even parts from the dog’s point of view which are fun.


Dog’s  First Trip to the Beach

There is something about watching a dog experience things for the first time. Jake the dog doesn’t disappoint with his first trip to the beach.


The Lime Reaction

This dog reaction is great. The poor boxer decides he wants to try a lime. What makes it funnier is he keeps going back to his lime in the sand.



The Compilation Video

While we usually don’t show compilation videos these are a lot of fun


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