Millennials are Buying Homes For Their Dogs; Not for Children or Marriages

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Millennial generation replacing the baby-boomers as the primary pet owners in the U.S. This recent change has been influencing the pet industry for the last few years, but now real estate market is feeling the effects too.

Suntrust mortgage has just released the findings of a real estate survey that showed that Millennials who have purchased their first house did so to make space for their dog. The survey asked home owners the main reasons for buying a house. One-third of Millennials responded that their dog was the primary reason for the investment. Owning a dog was more prevalent than having children or being married as the third most common reason.

Also in favor of the pup\’s comfort, the survey found that 42% of Millennials said that dog ownership would be a key factor in their decision to get on the property ladder.

It seems when it comes to buying a house, dogs are the most prevailing thing to think about for those born between 1982 and 1997.

Maybe it\’s because they grew up with Baha Men\’s \”Who Let the Dogs Out?\”


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