New Pet Supplies Goggles For Dogs

Dogs work alongside humans everyday. Whether it’s fire rescue K9s, or the Lou Dog that hangs out at your local surf shop, doggies love to work with their owners. A big concern for laborers that work in conditions where eye protection is needed, is for their dogs. Pet supplies goggles for dogs provide the same protection they would for humans.

Ultra Violet rays, debris, and wind can all damage the eyes of both humans and dogs. Trekking through the snow is also dangerous when sunlight reflects from the snow.

This was the concept behind Rex Specs, part of the pet supplies market. Rex Specs is a goggle designed solely for dogs between 30-110 lbs. Small breed goggles are currently being developed. The goggles strap securely to a dog’s face, with full jaw motion, and are shatter proof. They protect from debris and the polyurethane the goggles are with are  U.V. resistant. The inventors, Jesse Emilo and Aiden Doane, are both dog lovers.

They figured if humans need eye protection in hostile environments, so do dogs. Splash and Dash thinks these goggles are pretty cool. Both in style and in utility.

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