People Stuck Their Head In Box Full of Puppies

Remarkable Pet News: BuzzFeed Built a Portal to Puppy Dimension

Yes, you read the headline correctly.

BuzzFeed out-cutified themselves, again.

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique love BuzzFeed pet news videos because they take the most outlandishly cute ideas concerning pets and make them come to life. Today’s viral video shows what happens when you make a box, put some puppies into said box, then put people’s heads in said box via a hole.

Adorable events will ensue. It definitely challenges other headlines in pet news.

Today’s viral video is appropriately titled, “People Stick Their Head Through A Hole And Are Surprised With Puppies.” The video is a journey through the realm of pet news. A special place of dogs recently born with no sense of decency and a brimming curiosity for the talking heads coming up from the hole in their puppy-house.

Click and watch as BuzzFeed staff all put their head through the portal to enter the new domain of puppies and revolutionize the pet news world.

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique think the facial expressions captured in this video are close to artistic. We hope you watch and enjoy!

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