Pet Care: Mixed Breed or Purebred?

One of the most exciting times to get the family together, teach the kids some responsibility, and open your home to a loving companion is getting a dog. Many scrutinize over the American Kennel Club\’s extensive list of breeds. Or comb through shelters looking for the perfect mixed breed pup for the family. Each dog has different styles of training to match their disposition. Coat lengths and lifespan expectations affect pet care.


Know what you\’re getting into before you bring a dog home.


It\’s a personal choice. Whether you go with a purebred or mix breed, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on what you are looking for. Some look for purebreds because there is less of a guessing game for looks and behaviors. Mix breeds are also popular because they are unique.


Is there a Difference in Pet Care Health?


The topic is widely debated—whether or not there are any hereditary advantages between a purebred or mixed breed. Many argue due to inbreeding, mixed breeds are healthier because of the larger genetic pool.


This should not be an issue if you are going through a reputable breeder. Definitively, there has been a study conducted by Bellumori in 2013 which took 27,000 dogs and examined them in comparison to the rate of incidence of 24 common genetic disorders in mixed breeds versus purebreds.


The pet care study found that the incidence of 10 genetic disorders were significantly greater (42%) in purebred dogs.  They also concluded that the incidence of 1 genetic disorder (ruptured cranial cruciate ligament), was 24% greater in mixed breed dogs. Finally, the rest of disorders examined found no difference between mixed breed and purebred dogs.


Take these findings with a grain of salt. This is one isolated study, but it does give strong insights into what prevalent pet care could be anticipated.


Which Breed Should I Choose?


I would like to preface this with saying that breed recommending can be a problematic thing for dogs and their pet parents. Breed is a personal choice. The pet care that goes into different breeds depends on your lifestyle. When stigmas or falsified information on breed temperament spreads without substantiation this can be harmful for a dog.


For instance, many say Boxers are unintelligent dogs. This is simply not true. Intelligence is a relative and subjective thing and you should never limit your dog\’s training potential based on a stereotype. This goes against pet care.


The best way to search for a dog is to figure out what kind of lifestyle you live. Do you go on runs and stay active? Do you vacation frequently? Do you live near a dog park or dog beach? Can you return home during the day to walk your dog? How long are you willing to a walk a dog?


These pet care questions help narrow the search for both mix breeds and purebreds. If you don\’t want to walk a dog for more than a trip around the block don\’t get a Golden Retriever or Dalmatian that are highly active. If you want a water-dog that can hang at the beach, getting a Corgi with short legs and long coat might not be the best choice.


Of course, mixed breeds will be more on a case-by-case basis, but ask the staff at your local animal shelter their thoughts and take the time to really get to know the dog before making any final decisions.

Pet Care and Dog Training


No matter which option you decide, pet care and dog training are important for the first weeks of bringing a dog in. Puppies and senior dogs both need socialization and loving support to get accustomed.


Pet care for puppies begins early.


Talk to a veterinarian about diet options. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique always recommends the rotational diet which harmonizes dry, raw, can, and fresh foods to vary your dog\’s diet. Pet grooming is also essential part of pet care. Brush your dog daily to remove dead hairs and distribute a dog\’s natural body oils. Have a professional trim your dog\’s nails to prevent bad posture and a torqued spine.


Puppies also need adequate training while they are young so they do not pick up bad habits. Senior dogs will need plenty of a love and affection to show them they are part of the family.


Plenty of exercise, treats, and affection shows all dogs your love and curbs behavioral problems.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wishes you luck in your journey to find the perfect dog. Do your research! It will be worth it when you find the purr-fect mixed breed or purebred dog!


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