U.S. Soldier Adopts Dog from Iraq

Pet News: No Soldier Left Behind

This is a beautiful story in pet news. A video of a feature done by CBS SF Bay Area–the Bay Area, the  local San Francisco local news station–found an amazing story about a very lucky doggie, and a very loving soldier. The story is about Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch who was stationed in Iraq fighting alongside a Kurdish military outfit.

Wyrsch and his fellow soldiers found a stray dog, they affectionately named Ollie. Ollie is a German Shepherd and was most likely used as target practice by terrorists, or at least that was what Wyrsch best guest was. The US soldiers adopted Ollie and he stayed at their military base.

“He was a morale booster,” said Wyrsch. “He was there we when we left on missions, and there when we got back.”

When it came time for the soldiers to leave the base, Wyrsch was worried that they were going to have to leave Ollie to fend for himself. He couldn’t let that happen. Wyrsch contacted SPCA International and the agency was able to send Ollie all the way across the world. Wyrsch picked his old buddy up from the cargo depot and now Ollie has a new home in California.

The pet news video ends with Ollie climbing up to Wyrsch chest to give him a huge hug of thank you.

“How you doin?” Wyrsch asks Ollie as he licks his face. “Yeah good to see you.” The soldier and newly adopted dog look like a match made in heaven.

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique loved the ending to this story, and we hope you enjoy watching the video!

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