Pet Parody of Elf the Movie

Elf the Movie Parodied with Pugs for Human and Dog Wellness


There are a handful of Christmas movies that have stood up to the test of the time and are forever immortalized in the spirit of the Holiday season. A few come to mind. “Miracle on 34th Street,” “A Christmas Story,” or “The Polar Express.” They spread holiday cheer complete with good will toward man and dog wellness alike. One of the more recent of these popularized movies in the instant classic, “Elf” starring Will Ferrell in one of his more wholesome roles.


Today’s dog wellness viral video is “Elf Movie (Pug Puppy Version),” uploaded by The Pet Collective in the self-proclaimed “fun pug filled spin” on this classic Christmas tale. The Pet Collective is one of Splash and Dash’s favorite Youtube channels for all the amazingly hilarious compilations, parodies, and most epic videos featuring dog wellness, dog legend, and dog ridiculousness. The Pet Collective makes petodies which take famous movies and have dogs act out the whole plot—pretty genius.


Elf features a Pug puppy and Pug father sniffing their way to the big screen adorned in Elf costumes and all. The voice over for the films are also done by children and their malaprops along the way add to the hilarity. This video is sure to put a smile on your face, and it’s great to grab your dogs at home, put them on your lap so they can watch and get down on the dog wellness too.


We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did, and we wish you a merry Christmas!


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