Pet Store Debate Continues to Rage: Cat vs. Dog

Pet Store Debate: Which is better?

The argument is as old as domestication itself. Who is the better companion? Cats? Or, Dogs?

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, being a non-partisan pet store within the throes of these heated debates take the neutral position and love both animals equally. This being said, the debate is still one that we pay close attention to because of it\’s hilarious and thought-provoking dialogue.

This is why today\’s viral video is titled, \”Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats\” and is a compilation uploaded by BuzzFeedVideo. The series of videos are vignettes from America\’s Funniest Home Video and offer some pretty insightful evidence into why dogs could be better than cats. Their reasoning: they\’re easier to make happy, they\’re better with kids, they\’re cuter in their sleep, they\’re more adorably confused than cats, and they have way more patience.

Fair enough.

Each of these reasons is followed by video evidence supporting each claim. Each video will have your pet store staff in tears of laughter. We especially liked a video that appears at the 34-second mark where a Boxer puppy is barking at his own reflection. So cute!

Another noteworthy video is a Golden Retriever with three tennis balls in his mouth—one in each cheek and one in the snout. Pet store side note: the most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog at one time is five. The record is held by Augie a Golden Retriever from Dallas Texas. We at Splash and Dash believe that no cats hold such records.

Augie is talented, but another featured video from this compilation takes the cake. The video shows a Pug urinating while doing a handstand. We\’re not sure whether the Pug was born with this magnificent talent, or his parents trained him to do it. We just know the world needs to see this. The masses need to flock from their errands at the pet store to their computers to bear witness to this event. Seriously, a pug is peeing while he is doing a handstand.

We hope you got some good laughs from this video! We know we sure did!

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