Where to Properly Pet Animals?

BuzzFeedVideo always posts informative and hilarious videos that we at Splash and Dash love to watch. Most pet owners know the areas their pets love, and the areas where you get scratched. Just try petting by the tail. It’s not going to end well. The video is titled, How To Properly Pet Animals, and shows diagrams that explains how to do just that.If you don\’t want to get scratched, and you want to exercise proper pet care, you better watch this video.

The first pet chart illustration is the kitty.

The cat chart has a scale that ranges from “omfg yes” “ehhh maybe” “nah” and ends with the stomach area, “certain death.” Haha!

Next up, dogs. No problem areas for doggies except for the legs which get a rating of “eh.” The head is “Who’s a good boy?” And the stomach (any dog lover knows this) is accurately charted as “Yeeah that’s the ticket.”

Bunnies also made the list. The ears labeled “Yes!” The body “Yaaaaaaasss” That’s right seven A’s and three S’s. That’s how much the bunnies love being pet here. Of course the rabbit foot needs to get a good pet for “Yes!!! It’s good luck!”

The video then goes on to outline Fish (No Pet), Chinchillas (Pet Everywhere), Ghost Dogs (“You can’t pet ghost dogs, dummy”), Bears (“Do you have a death wish?”), Insects (“Ew,No,Gross”), Wolverines an obvious (“hell no”), and finally, and most hilariously, The Wolverine. We’ll let you watch that one, so we don’t ruin the punch line.


For more serious information about pet care click here.

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