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How Smart is Your Dog Really?

Every pet parent has stories about the smart things their pets have done, such as sneaking treats when you aren’t looking or throwing toys into your basket at the pet store. But the question many ask is, how smart is your dog really? There are a few things you should take into consideration before you enter Jeopardy for pets at your local pet store.


The Basics

Scientists have done studies and determined that dogs are about as smart as a two year old, according to Livescience.  This means they can learn between 165 and 250 \"51ab762f28ecb9f3ece27ef9384bf3f8\"words, signals, and gestures just like two year olds. They have also found that dogs know basic math, just as a toddler would. The way they found this out was by putting one and then another treat behind a screen. When they lifted the screen there would be either one or three treats and the dogs would be surprised. This shows they have a basic understanding of math as well.


The Evolutionary Link

Evolutionary Anthropologist and founder of Duke University’s Canine Cognition Center, Brian Hare, claims that dogs and humans experienced a unique co

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