Spend St. Paddy’s Day with Man’s Best Friend

St. Patrick\’s Day is fun day where we can all pretend we’re Irish and have a few drinks and hey, if you’re not Irish by birth you can still just wear green and participate in the festivities! If you are looking for the perfect companion for this day, then you should take your dog with you. There are many great ways to involve your dog in this and here’s what you need to know.


Pet Friendly Events

\"iStock_000005231738XSmall__1454606127_70370\"Many bars and outdoor events will allow you to bring your dog for the St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. Make sure you are taking your dog to one that is dog friendly so you don’t have to make last minute changes- or worse, make the decision to leave your pooch in the car while you have fun.  If you have a favorite place to visit, give them a call ahead of time to make sure they are allowing dogs.


Take Your Dog Out to Eat

Another great way to incorporate your dog into your St. Paddy’s Day celebration is to take them out for dinner or share with them at home. Sure you do not want to give them a ton of food, but feel free to share a little of your corned beef with them. They will be glad you did.


Dog Safe Drinking\"iStock_000003797401Large__1454606202_65664\"

It is imperative that people realize alcohol is not safe for your pet. It is toxic and can cause serious harm. While you may want to drink the night away, be sure you are not sharing your green beer with your furry wingman. Rather, if you want them to join in on the festivities there are dog beers you can get for them. These are made to be non-alcoholic so that it will not harm your dog. While a night of drinking may seem fun, keep in mind that the health of your pet is more important.


Going Green

A big tradition with St. Patrick’s Day is wearing green. Sadly there are no dogs born with a green coat. There are a few ways you can improvise for the holiday. One option is to dye your dog’s coat. It is best to  leave this to the professionals at the grooming salon where they will use dog safe, vegetable based dye. The other option is to invest in something cute for your dog to wear. You can get them anything from a full costume to just a headband with green in it. You could even just splurge on a fancy new green collar to get them into the festivities of the holiday.

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