The Newest Internet Sensation- How Should Dogs Wear Pants?

Sure there are internet fads that come and go. Like the dress. Was it black and blue or white and gold? This started a huge internet frenzy that went around for months. The newest one out there is something pet related and definitely worth taking a look at and thinking about.


How do Dogs Wear Pants?


On the surface this seems like an innocuous question, even an absurd question. There is no real reason for dogs to need pants so why care about the answer? The picture above shows just how varied the results can be and it turns out some people just can’t wrap their minds around it, probably because they are used to thinking about pants in the way people traditionally wear them. In fact, it has started many internet debates and this picture has been circulating the internet like wildfire.


This may seem like the question should not be important to our everyday lives but for people who enjoy dressing their dog up, this is serious business. So people started dressing their dogs up with pants to try and prove their point. But it seems that the pants are stuck on the fence when it comes to the clear winner in


Is There Really an Answer to This Question?


Well some people argue that pants are only designed for two legs but could these not be modified for canine  needs? Another thing to think about is the feasibility of a dog walking around in four legged pants. It seems that this could cause the pants to fall down easily but without seeing this in practice it is hard to understand.


This is why a Canadian company, Muddy Mutts, released four legged dog pants. The only downside to the pictured debate is that these pants have overalls to hold them up. However, there are other pants for dogs in the more traditional thought that also have overalls, so which is right? At the end of the day, just remember that a dog could wear pants however they enjoy most, considering both types of pants exist and are available to your pet.


Sure this may be a question that has no real bearing on your life, but it is still something fun to think about. You may not stay awake wondering about it but the next time you are buying an outfit for your pup, chances are you will think about this.

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