Top Five Must Have Dog Services Apps for Your Phone

Dogs are our best and most loyal friends. They are our children, only they have four legs instead of two. The world has realized this and prepared modern pet owners with dog services that can help across the board. Many of these dog services can be used right on your smartphone and will make your day much easier!

Technology gets better and handier every day. This article walks you through five of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique\’s favorite apps for Fido.

Keep Your dog Safe with GPS: Tagg

The 14th of this month was not only beloved Valentine\’s Day, but also National Pet Theft Awareness Day. What better way to show our love as guardians to our pets then too also celebrate a holiday that helps protect them. With over 2 million pets stolen each year in the U.S., you\’ll be interested in checking out Tagg.

This app synchronizes with a GPS locator attached to your dog\’s collar. We love it because not only can you rest assuredly, knowing your dog is safe, but it can also track your dog\’s exercise, and alert you if your dog goes out of the boundaries you set up.

ASPCA\’s Dog Services APP: Animal Poison Control Center (APCC)

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a thorough list of amazing dog services apps.

One of our favorites is APCC. The app is a database of everything and anything toxic to your animals. APCC features information on plants, foods, medication, weather hazards, and household cleaning chemicals that could be possibly harmful to your pets. Information like levels of toxicity for a certain breed and one-touch speed dialing to poison control makes this app a must-have.

The definitions and data on every hazard are in-depth and easily accessible through the app\’s search function.

For the Social Pet Parents: Pack Dog

Not all dog services are serious. Sometimes you and your dog just need have a little fun. This app—Pack Dog—does that and more!

Most pet parents are pretty active on social media. They have a lot to brag about with such cute pets! This app helps connect the dog owners of the world.

Pet parents can instantly post pictures of their dog photos on their own pet profile, create a \”dog family\” for communal photo posting, and cheer up the internet by posting and viewing the latest updates on different celebrity dogs and dog breeds.

Dog Walking App for Humanitarians: Walk for A Dog

What\’s better than walking your dog? Walking your dog while supporting local animal organizations! That\’s exactly what this app does.

Walk for A Dog dog services app tracks your walking activity and donates to your community. The amount donated is determined by the number of walkers for your selected animal organization. Walk with intention! Walk for a Dog and help needy animals everywhere!

Dog Services App for Dog Training: Pooch

Whether you have a new puppy or need to teach an old dog new tricks, this dog training resource is convenient for dog training of all levels.

Pooch uses humane training principles to establish a good relationship with your dog and fast results.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique believes in positive reinforcement techniques for training. Pooch covers everything from crate training to advanced tricks like \”play dead.\” Everything is tracked and systematized making it a breeze to get Fido to be a good boy.

Our Promise

Using dog services in a technologically driven world should be easy. Using these apps can make this happen. Each of these apps are peer reviewed and have excellent ratings.

We hope you and your dog benefit and have fun with each of these helpful and fun apps! Each is downloadable in the app store.

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