Video Shows Excited Dogs Greeting the Kids

Pet Wellness Video Compilation of Dogs Greet the Kids After School


Dogs are loyal companions. They take the role of man’s best friend very seriously and will never let us down in this regard. The human role is to give them the best pet wellness possible, and sometimes it’s as easy as just coming home. At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique we can bring our dogs to work, but we realize not everyone has this luxury. A dog will wait at the front door, paw at the window, and in the front lawn awaiting his best friend’s return. This pet wellness video captures this loving dynamic unfolding and is titled, “Cute Dogs Waiting And Welcoming Kids Going Home On The School – Funny Dog Videos Compilation 2016.”


The video was uploaded by YouTube channel Laugh TV.


Some of our favorite pet wellness moments happen about 30 seconds into the compilation. A Black Labrador is patiently waiting in the grass and sunshine for his buddy “Robbie” to get off the school bus. Robbie walks calmly down then plops down next to his dog. You can practically see the glow of happiness coming off both the dog and his buddy Robbie. A beautiful moment in pet wellness that you can’t buy at a pet store.


Another lovely moment we appreciate as pet wellness proprietors comes a little later in the video around the 2-minute mark. It shows what we think is in American Bully waiting for her kid to return. The Bully’s tail starts wagging frantically as the child steps off the school bus and is urged by the woman with the camera to “Go get her!” The Bully runs up, and lays some lovin’  on her best friend, and you can hear the woman with the camera giggle with happiness.


This is pet wellness at it’s finest, and it makes our hearts sing!


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