Videos like this Warm the Heart…

Splash and Dash for Dogs loves stories of survival. In this video, we meet Topaz and watch her story of survival and healing through Vet Ranch a YouTube channel that features videos of rescue animals undergoing life-changing surgery. Topaz was found on the side of the street with a twisted front limb, instead of amputating, Vet Ranch decided to see if they could get Topaz to walk again. After an X-Ray, Dr. Wendy and Dr. Carriker–who operate from the non-profit Vet Ranch in Texas–decide to perform surgery to see if they can re-align this little Chihuahua\’s leg.

Dr. Wendy is able to confirm that her wrist bone is fractured, and the leg is broken and twisted. They wonder if the break is old. If the break is relatively new there may be a chance to save it, but if the bones have already healed without re-alignment, taking the leg may be their only option. They put Topaz under and get to work. After giving the Chihuahua a splint, they send her off to surgery the next week and everything goes smoothly. By week 4 after her surgery, the splint is removed and Topaz can hop around without putting weight on her left paw. Spoiler alert! At the end of the video we see Topaz after 8 weeks and she’s smiling and walking like a healthy and happy dog!

This video shows the love and kindness veterinarians all over the country put into their work everyday in the pet franchise. Hundred of animals are found by shelters half-starved, or worse like Topaz, seriously injured. According to the Humane Society of the United States there are over 70 million stray animals living on the streets, and of those only around 6-8 million ever make it to a shelter.

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