Warning Signs Your Dog Has Cancer

No one wants to think of their dog dying, which is why it is important to do everything you can to protect their health. However, even when you give your dog proper exercise and feed them the right foods, there are still health issues that can arise. One of the scariest for many pet parents is cancer. Considering almost half of all dogs over 10 years old will develop cancer at some point, it is important to know the warning signs so you can take your dog to see vets before it’s too late.


Lumps on Your Dog

\"dogThis is generally what many people think of when it comes to cancer in their dogs. The truth is that this is not the only sign that your dog has cancer. Also, just because your dog has a lump does not mean that it is cancer. Either way, if your dog develops an unusual lump, you should find the best vets in your area and take your dog in for an appointment to have it examined.


Vomiting and Diarrhea

It is normal for a dog to get sick once in awhile or deal with a bout of diarrhea. However, if this happens a lot or is persistent, then this is something that needs to be evaluated more closely. Vets will be able to tell you if this is cause for concern as well as what you can do to help with this.


Distended Abdomen

In many cases, the abdomen will become distended very quickly, while in others it may take a while. If you notice that your pup’s tummy is starting to do this, then you need to take them to vets pronto. This can be a sign of not only internal tumors, but internal bleeding as well.


Weight Loss

If your pup is on a diet or is getting more activity than normal, it is expected that some weight loss will occur. However, if your pet has unexpected \"dog_grooming_services\"weight loss then this can be a sign of cancer, just as it is in people. Even if it is not cancer, you still need to see vets in your area right away to determine what is causing the problem.



If your dog develops a cough that is non productive and does not go away in a few days, then this is something that needs to be evaluated by vets. This could be a sign of lung cancer or another issue that your pup has developed.

Talk with Vets About What to Do

The thing to keep in mind is that as your pet ages, their bodies will change and they will be more susceptible to illnesses of all kinds. You need to watch them to see if there are any changes in their mood, behavior or daily activity. Make sure that you do not just ignore these warning signs of cancer or other health issues. Make sure that you find vets in your area who specialize in senior dogs and take your dog to them.

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