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Dog Safety Summer Pet Care Quiz

1. Which of the following are signs of heatstroke?\"8a1605eb6dc0afd3228c67b3749291ff\"

A. excessive panting

B. color change in the gums or tongue of your pet

C. lethargic or unconscious

D. all of the above.


2. Shaving my dog with an undercoat in the summer will help them stay cooler.

True or False


3. It is OK to leave your dog in the car while you run in to the car if the window is cracked and you will only be a couple minutes.\"1b4fd677e9958d25dac1aa76fd79f1f6\"

True or False




4. What is the best way to handle ticks?

A. Regular brushing

B. Preventative solutions

C. Routine inspections

D. shorter walks and avoiding wooded areas


5. You should put pet sunscreen on your pets.
True or False




1. (D) Heat stroke is a serious condition that can kill dogs within a matter of minutes if dog safety isn\’t maintained. If you notice any of these signs you need to cool your dog down immediately. This can be done by giving them plenty of cool water to drink as well as getting cool water on them right away to help bring down their body temperature.

2. False. Many people think that a dog’s undercoat is designed just to keep dogs warm. Because of this, many think they need to shave them in order to keep them from getting hot in the summer. In truth the undercoat is actually a temperature regulating system for dogs and helps keep dog safety in the summer. It helps to keep them cool in the summer just as it keeps them warm in the winter. They get sunburn easier and may have more skin and coat problems if they are shaved as well.

3. False. A good rule of thumb for dog safety is if the temperature is above 70 degrees, do not leave them in the car. Even cracking the window will not be enough to keep the car from reaching sweltering conditions within just a minute or two.

4. (B) The only best way to keep ticks away and maintain dog safety is with a preventative solution. This can be either topical or in a soft chew. This does not mean that you should not brush your dog or still inspect them. There are instances of dogs getting ticks even when they are on preventative medicines so make sure you still perform regular inspections while brushing.

5. True. Just because your pet has fur does not mean they can’t get sunburn. This is especially true if you have a pet with a light colored coat. Even if they have a thick, dark coat you should still apply sunblock to the bridge of their nose, ears and belly. Just be sure you are using pet sunscreen for dog safety as excessive sun exposure can also lead to skin cancer.

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