8 Yard Safety Tips for Pets

If you have a yard and a pet, then it is natural to want to let your pet play outside. However, you need to make sure the area is safe for your pet or pets to play in. There are a few tips you should keep in mind that can help you keep your pet safe.

1. Skip on the Spraying

While yard spraying may make your yard look lush and full, it is not healthy for your dog. If you must spray the yard, try to contain the spray \"19caabb213e50a683d2afff45f71ad3f\"to the front. Also, you can look for yard professionals that offer dog services with non-toxic sprays.


2. Inspect Your Fence Regularly

If you have a fenced in backyard do not assume that your pets will be contained to that space. Pets can dig holes under the fence or there may even be a weak spot where they can get out from. Performing regular checks of the yard and fence will ensure that your pets do not escape.


3. Think About Dog Services when Landscaping

If you are having any landscaping done on the yard, make sure the professional you hire is experienced with pet friendly plants. There are many plants that are toxic to dogs so you want to avoid these in your yard.


4. Keep Grass Cut

Not only will short grass look better, it is also safer for your pet. You will be able to see what is in the grass. Also, this can help to deter pests, such as ticks.


\"df0b97ad2a56ea251a2a5f49d89537f9\"5. Do Not Forget About Pest Prevention

Even if you have your yard sprayed for pests, do not forget about flea, tick and heartworm prevention. These are essential to the overall health of your dog.


6. Check for Pest Regularly

Having pest prevention treatments are helpful, but they are not foolproof. Make sure you are checking your dog on a regular basis for fleas and ticks.


7. Make Grooming a Priority

Dogs love playing in the yard which unfortunately means they will get dirty. This is why frequent baths are needed for active dogs who play outdoors. If you have problems with bathing your dog on your own or simply do not have the time, find an unlimited monthly bath membership for your dog to make this easier.


8. Keep Tags On and Microchip Updated

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a pet can escape. While this is scary for you as a pet parent, it is even more traumatic for your dog. Make sure their tags are on them at all times and that the information is up to date. You should also ensure their microchip information is correct as well to increase the chances of finding your pet.


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