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5 Ideas for a Fun Weekend with Your Dog

As a pet parent you know it is important to spend quality time with your dog. While walks and just going to the pet store are fun, there are other ways that you can have a fun day this weekend with your pet. Here are a few activities away from the pet store to keep your pet active.


1. Have a Scavenger Hunt

This one is a creative way to work your dog’s mind in a fun way. To start, go to your local pet store and pick up high value treats for your dog. You can even pick up a few \"19caabb213e50a683d2afff45f71ad3f\"toys if you want as well. Then place them around your backyard while your dog is inside. Then bring your dog out and let them hunt. You may want to help point them in the right direction if they are new to this game.


2. Go for a Swim

Most dogs love water. If you have a pool, then make it a day at the pool with your pooch. If not, then you can always find other water sources for your dog. There are many dog beaches where you can take your pet. Even if your dog does not like the pool, it could be due to the chlorine and you will find they love the natural water. This is a great exercise for everyone!


3. Go for a Hike

It is no secret that dogs love new smells. Take your dog to an area that you have never been to before. This will give them the chance to find new scents and sights while getting some exercise. Just make sure you have the proper supplies, such as plenty of water for your dog. You can pick up a portable water bowl from your pet store.


4. Find a Meetup

There are many breeds that do meetups in different areas. This can be a fun way to let your dog socialize and play with other dogs that are their size. If there isn’t one in your area, start one! Even if it is not breed specific it can be fun to get together with your friends and their dogs at the dog park for an afternoon of playing and hanging out.


\"Dog5. Work on Training

Training is essential for your dog to be a good canine citizen. Even if your pet has mastered basic commands, there are fun tricks you can teach them. This can be anything from how to close a door to completing an obstacle course. While you should not expect them to learn the new trick in one weekend, this can be a fun way to introduce a new trick and bond with your pet. After training your pet it never hurts to find a great place to take them to get cleaned up. Splash and Dash is a wonderful option. If you are interested in owning your own pet store franchise check out our Affordable Franchise in Texas opportunities.


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