Vet Ranch with an Amazing Ending

Vet Ranch Video Show Dog Being Saved with Amazing Ending

Warning: Video Contains Graphical Surgical Footage

The ASPCA states 3.9 million stray animals enter shelters every year. This number is heartbreaking to us at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, but videos like this give us hope.

We love sharing these videos. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique want to help bring awareness to the staggering amount of rescues out there. The aim is for viewers to watch so more dogs can find loving homes.

Our Most Dramatic Ending Ever

The video was posted by the Vet Ranch–a nonprofit veterinary clinic that works with Dallas Services. It is titled, Our Most Dramatic Ending Ever!!, and the drama is true, and truly endearing.

The video features Winfrey, who was rescued by Dallas Services. Vet Employees believe Winfrey was hit by a car. The poor dog had multiple puncture wounds around his neck, pelvic area, and mouth. Dallas Services labeled Winfrey dangerous, because he was biting. This is a sign that he was in major pain. Employees and veterinarians were  cautious when handling Winfrey.  They initially had to use a muzzle every time they examined him.

The Vet Ranch sedated and took X-rays of Winfrey.  It turned out he  had multiples fractures in his pelvis and legs. Winfrey also had a dislocation, and arthritis. This told Dr. Karry–Winfrey’s Vet–that he was an older dog. The dog was also not neutered. This makes strays more prone to roam and fight with other dogs.

Winfrey was fitted with an IV drip of pain medication to ease his journey to recovery. Vet Ranch veterinarians reset his fractures, and placed a screw through his pelvis to hold the bones in place. Winfrey was also neutered and received heartworm surgery. This is all part of extensive pet care.

After a few weeks of healing Winfrey’s radiograph showed that the pin holding his pelvic bones in place dislodged. Vets put the poor guy back on the operating table so they could remove the pin.

Without removal, the pin would have caused him more pain. During his healing process, Winfrey was placed on strict exercise restriction.  This ensured he could heal properly.

Winfrey Heals up

Dr. Karry announced that after healing Winfrey was like a brand new dog. He was so sweet and was no longer biting. Winfrey is currently awaiting a loving home, and is running around like the happy dog he was meant to be. This was all so heart-warming, but what happens next is really special!

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