Rescue Otter Plays with Lions and Hyenas

Moses a Rescue Otter Lives in South African Preserve Park

This video takes us to the plains of Africa where a special little Otter lives. His name is Moses and he is living at Loebies Guest Farm and Predator Park in Bela Bela South Africa. Moses was rescued by Annel Snyman, an employee at the park. When Annel found Moses he weighed less than a pound. The poor guy was no bigger than a human hand. Moses was abandoned by his Otter parents for unknown reasons. He was taken to the park as a rescue to be rehabilitated and one day return to the wild.

During Moses’s childhood he was bottle fed formula. The otter pup also didn’t know how to swim. In the wild, the sow–the mother otter–is the one that teaches pups to swim, not instinct. This never happened for Moses, so park employees like Annel had to take him to a pool everyday to learn. Annel started by letting Moses wade in the shallows by the pool and with a little work everyday he eventually learned to swim at the dam.

Moses is a remarkable animal. The otter doesn’t see himself as an otter and fearlessly plays with the big cats at the park. The video shows him wrestling with a hyena, like it’s no big deal. There is even a section of this video where Moses runs up to Annel and hugs her as if he’s a pet. Otters are not pets, and Mosses is a wild animal rescue, but this is pet care at it’s finest.

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