4 Reasons to Leave Grooming to the Professionals

Grooming a dog is a very time consuming and precise art. It can actually be worth it to have your dog professionally groomed over doing it yourself. Different dog breeds all require varying amounts of grooming maintenance. Longer haired breeds like Collies and Australian Shepherds need grooming more often with different styles of grooming than short haired breeds like Beagles and Boxers. However, at some point all dogs will need grooming. It is recommended to bring your dog in once a month to be properly groomed. So what happens while your dog is at the groomerie?

First the dog is washed thoroughly with pet-safe shampoos. Depending upon the need, flea and tick shampoos are used and groomers also have access to shampoos for dogs with sensitive skins. Groomers use shampoos that add vitality to your dog’s coat. After this we hand dry your dog with love. Next, your doggie gets a good and gentle brushing to remove hairs waiting to shed and get thorough ear cleaning. Followed by this is a haircut with a trimming of the coat, the hair around the eyes, ears, and paws. Groomers also cut long nails that when left unattended become uncomfortable for a dog while walking. Last a good brush of their teeth is done to assure oral health and good breath.

During the whole process groomers check for any indications of poor health to ensure a healthy doggie is returned to you. Groomers also know how to cut styles for show dogs, and even if your pooch isn’t jumping through hoops it’s nice to have just as much style.

Groomers are Trained to Handle All Dogs, Even Bad Tempered ones

Your dog knows those the dreaded word bath, and will run away with their tail between their legs when they hear it,or sense it coming. Professional groomers at Splash and Dash for Dogs have been trained to comfort your dog when they are being washed. The whole grooming process will be more relaxing and less stressful for your doggie when in the hands of a professional. Sometimes aggressive or older dogs will need to be sedated in order to be properly groomed–a practice which you cannot do at home. Groomers are also trained to spot infections, injuries, or any concerning lumps underneath the coat that you may not be able to spot at home. Professional and caring eyes are important when it comes to your dog’s health. If you yourself have trouble lifting or keeping your dog in one place this is also a benefit of using a groomer.

Groomers Can Get the Less Appealing Parts

Dogs get dirty. They play outside in the mud, can get skunked, and are magnets for fleas and ticks. We love them, but it happens. Dog groomers at Splash and Dash for Dogs are qualified to clean the yuckier parts of your dog like anal glands (or anal sacs) which are important part of maintaining your dog\’s health. Letting a groomer do the dirtier work is not only healthier for your dog, but is convenient for you.

We Have the Right Tools and Resources

Every Splash and Dash for Dogs location have all the equipment to give your doggie a full and comfortable grooming. Instead of clogging up your drain and getting water all over the place, it is easier to bring your dog to a facility that is set up specifically for grooming. Professional groomers are equipped with dog shampoos, even for dogs with skin allergies or sensitive skin, dog toothpastes and brushes, clippers, non-toxic balm for paws, and styptic powder. Drying a dog is an intricate process that when done wrong can lead to ear infection, cracked skin, or fungus growing between the paws or armpit. Instead of buying this equipment at home it is easier and cheaper to bring your loved one to a groomer. The actual trimming also takes vigorous attention to detail and can be painstaking when tried at home.

Scheduling and Convenience

Splash and Dash for Dogs are located all over the country and offer flexible servicing for even the busiest families. Grooming a pet is more than just brushing and bathing. A grooming covers all the essential parts of keeping your pet healthy and should be done monthly. Splash and Dash offers packages that lets you decide when to bring your doggie in–when you have house guests or your doggie got extra dirty at the dog park. You can drop your dog off and pick them back up when they are finished.

More Information

It is important the brush your dog at least once a week and more often depending upon length of hair, type of coat, and breed. Puppies should not be groomed. Wait until your dog has matured to adulthood before bringing them in for a grooming. While your puppy or young dog is growing it is important to brush and wash them regularly to desensitize them to the process. Weekly brushing helps with shedding and prevents mats from forming that will need to be cut out later.

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