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5 Best Pet Cities in America

Your dog will always love where she lives so long as she’s with you. However, pet parents have voted and we have done some research to bring you the best pet cities in America based on not only the pet population, but the pet amenities throughout the city such as dog parks, pet stores, dog grooming, daycare, and training, and overall dog friendliness. If you’re looking to vacation in or move to one of the best pet cities in America, here are the top five and why they’re rated that way:


1. Portland, OR

\"dogThere are many reasons why Portland is one of the best dog cities in America. To start off, there are 33 dog parks within the city limits which earns it the title of most dog parks per capita of any big city in America. Portland hasn’t forgotten about the weather and with that said, many of its dog parks are indoors. It’s also infamous for its annual dog events such as the Pug Crawl which has been going for fifteen years now and the Pit Bull Parade which was formed in order to combat the negative reputation Pit Bulls have associated with them that is entirely inaccurate.


2. San Diego, CA

Dog parks, dog beaches, restaurants that love dogs as patrons, and so much more. What more could you and your dog want than a day at the beach? How about an annual Surf Dog Competition? This warm city opens its arms to you and your dog with countless dog boutiques and dog-friendly breweries to shut the day down with. Visitors shouldn’t have a hard time finding hotels that allow pets and pet parents shouldn’t have a hard time settling in with a favorite pet park.


3.    Seattle, WA

Seattle is known for a lot of things and its dog friendliness is one of them. In fact, one of Seattle’s nicknames is the King of Dog-Friendly Cities. There are not only dog parks and dog-friendly restaurants in abundance, but there are an incredible amount of dog-friendly workplaces and living places, human-dog fitness classes, and a dog-inclusive ice cream cruise. If your dog isn’t a fan of the rain, don’t worry, many of their dog parks are indoors.


4.    Austin, TX

With gorgeous weather almost year around, Austin offers many dog-friendly restaurants and even a mobile food truck for dogs called Bow-Wow Bones with a number of treats that may or may not already be your dog’s favorite. They have dogs-only swimming spots, one of which is called Red Bud Isle which is a great place for you and your dog to take a break from the Texas heat. It also currently boasts 35 professional pet photographers within city limits.


5.    San Francisco, CA\"full_service_small_pet_groomers\"

Ranked second in the nation for walkability, San Francisco is a great place for pet parents to live and visit. They have a well-known reputation as a dog-friendly city with dog parks abound and an incredible shopping district for human and dog patrons. They also have an annual DogFest which has been going on for 8 years. There are a number of dog beaches around the city, vacation rentals, and so much more. The entire Bay Area is known as one of the most dog-friendly parts of the country.


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