5 Ways of Treating Your Dog to a Spa Day

We all deserve a tranquil day of pampering relaxation. When the ebb and flow of life gets a little stressful, humans can escape into the repose of a spa day–complete with aromatherapy, facials, and pedicures. Even more fun, why not share the experience with your best friend?

We\’re all talking about our four-legged companions. Your doggie best friend who\’s curled up in your bed, the dog that longs for you while you\’re at work, and is always excited to hear about your day—naturally as long as a walk is involved—your four-legged best friend that graces your lap and life with unconditional love. That\’s right! Your dog can enjoy all the relaxing amenities of spa day too!

For all the same reasons us humans take a day dedicated to indulgence and wellness, our doggie best friends can enjoy the same oasis of soapy luxury.

How Your Best Friend Benefits From Spa Treatment?

All the glorious treatments offered in human day spas that make you feel like a Greek god or goddess are now extended to our pets. Pets experience anxiety and stress just like their owners. During thunderstorms, trips to the veterinarian, and even while you\’re at work dogs feel owner separation anxiety. Playtime with you and a tranquil day at the spa can put all this stressful energy to rest.

Give your best friend a transcendent feeling of complete and total bliss with a pet spa day!


Instead of a relaxing pedicure, your dog can get an effervescent pawdicure and cute nail painting. A doggie pawdicure takes paw wellness to a whole new level. Not only will a dog\’s tension melt away with the soothing touch of a loving groomer, but all toxins found on the ground like sodium chloride found in ice melt products, or molybdenum in law fertilizers are cleansed away. Of course, pawdicures also revitalize a dog\’s cracked pads and attend to inflamed nail beds.


What better way to give your best friend some zen-like treatment than a facial to cleanse the puppy pores? Splash and Dash offer blueberry and Pinkberry facial scrubs that revitalize skin around the face and beard, removing dirt and purging tear stains.


Since dogs explore the world with their noses, why not give them calming scents they\’ll truly enjoy? Aromatherapy is a great way to induce a relaxed state that also makes your dog smell like the finer side of the great outdoors!

Splash and Dash aromas include:

  • Renew— Argan oil, Vitamin E
  • Energy—Ginger and Orange Essential Oils
  • Hydrate—Coconut, Cucumber, Green Tea
  • Relax—Lavender, Chamomile

DeShed Service

With the oppressive heat of the summer bearing down on your best friend\’s thick coat, a deshed service can cool them off and keep your house clean.

Nourish Conditioning

This leave-in or wash away conditioner keeps your best friend\’s fur healthy, moisturized, and nourished. A conditioner sustains the benefits of shampooing and will make your dog shine long past their grooming.

What else can pet owners do to make their best friend\’s spa day magical?

Gluttonous Gorging

Treats! Treats! Treats!

Of course, we want our dogs to be in good shape by maintaining a healthy weight, especially with pet obesity rising. Maintaining your pet\’s health, is after all, why we take them to a pet spa in the first place, but having a cheat day every once in a while won\’t hurt. This is the time to splurge and spoil, so make it count!

You can scrape some extra bits of leftovers from your human meal into the dog bowl. Or maybe fill up the KONG with extra peanut butter. Getting a rawhide chew for your best friend is not only tasty but helps jaw strength and scrapes tartar for good dental hygiene.

Wake your doggie best friend up with a bountiful meal to start their spa day off gastronomically gourmet. What pup doesn\’t want a full tummy while they get their sudsy massage?

Cool New Cut

Dogs with matts absolutely hate it! Imagine your hair being constantly pulled and tugged in different directions with the tension never stopping.  Ouch! This is the feeling of having matts. Matts are clumps of fur that have intertwined into a painful knot. It happens to dog breeds with double coats or curly thick fur like Bichon Frise, Poodle, and Cocker Spaniel.

When your dog gets their grooming done, all the uncomfortable knots are trimmed away leaving a fresh new haircut. This is also comforting in the summer months when the heat becomes unbearable for our thick-coated best friends.

After a massaging bath and a new trim, the skin is exfoliated and moisturized, free of hot-spots, cracked skin, and inflammation. Your dog will feel and look amazing with a smile to match!

Bells and Whistles

When us humans go to a day spa we get the works—the full deluxe package. The same extravagance should be extended to your best friend. Let them enjoy themselves with an effervescent pawdicure that will make their toes tingle. Nail polish? Uh, yes thank you…with some extra hand brushing to work out the muscle tautness. Next up, spoil them with the number one spa essential.

Get your best friend a facial!

This will purge away all the crustiness that your dog collects along their snout while they eat and sniff out the mysteries of the world. A Pinkberry facial leaves your dog\’s facial fur and beard completely revitalized. Naturally, their massage should come with their favorite aroma that coats them in calmness. And, just as ice cream isn\’t a sundae without a cherry on top—polish the spa day off with a nourish leave-in conditioner that will make all the other dogs jealous of that gorgeous coat shine.

New You. New Toys.

Your human best friend might want a glass of white wine for her spa day, but your dog best friend could care less about wine. Get them some new toys instead! Let\’s be honest, most of their dog toys at home are probably chewed to the brittle and soaked in saliva. It\’s time to upgrade.

Your dog will always be interested in new toys to shake around, especially chew and squeaker toys. Many animal behaviorists theorize that dogs prefer toys that engage them with human participation—meaning after their spa day, you BOTH can play.

Since Splash and Dash is a one-stop-shop, you can drop off your best friend for some luxury, and a Chuck It! fetch-ball toy that will give you both endless hours of fun and some good exercise.


With the restored vibrancy of a new coat shine comes the need for some bows and a bandanna. Just like their collar, bandanas make a dog feel secure as they take on a feeling of instinctual ownership for their cool new accessory. Bows? Well, bows are just super cute!

Most dog grooming places that offer pet services will finish up the relaxation with bows and bandana as the pinnacle of the treatment.

Go the extra mile and get your best friend a souvenir they\’ll love that sums up their special day at the pet spa!

Play Dirty. Live Clean!

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