6 Fun Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pup

\"iStock_000001256761Large__1453908917_56173\"If you want to make your pet as happy as they make you this Valentine’s Day then the best thing you can do is give them something they love. There are many options out there that you can give to them. Here are 6 fun gifts you can buy for your dog.


The Foobler

Sure we have all seen the different treat balls out there. Some are in different shapes and other require very specific (and generally expensive!) treats in order to work. The difference with this treat ball is that it is designed to keep your pet on their toes. It can hold up to two cups of treats or kibble and you design the frequency you want it to release the treats. This is also a new product that just came on the market so your pup can be ahead of the trend.


The Odin

This is another treat ball you can get for your dog. It is trendy with its geometric design and it has slats that allow you to stick small kibble or treats into. The toy is designed to be light enough for small dogs to enjoy yet large enough to keep big dogs from swallowing it. Keep in mind that this is not intended to be used as a chew toy as it can destroy the toy.


Stuffed Poo\"shutterstock_104939138__1453908942_67757\"

There are several different brands of stuffed poo toys out there for your dog. If your dog loves to eat poo or has a weird fascination with it, then this can be a great option. However, if your dog is good at tearing up stuffed toys make sure you go with the pet brand poo this one and not the emoji poo toys you can buy at the mall.


Hide a Squirrel

If your dog loves hide and seek but you don’t have time to play with them all day long, then this could be the perfect toy for them. The squirrels get hidden in the tree house and your dog has to search to find them. Each tree house comes with three squirrels with squeakers. The tree house also comes in three different sizes to fit all dog sizes.


Talking Babble Ball

If you are worried about your pet not having anything fun or do or have anyone to talk to them while you are away, this can be the best option. This ball talks when it is touched and goes off automatically. There are a variety of phrases it uses to entice your pet to play. It is made of a durable plastic and comes in 3 different sizes.


BazooK-9 Tennis Ball Launcher

Yes, as the name implies this is a semi-automatic bazooka launching tennis balls. It is obviously a toy designed to be just as fun for pet parents as it is for dogs. If you love the idea of shooting tennis balls across your yard or the dog park, then this can be the perfect gift. This will no doubt bring you and your dog endless hours of fun and bonding.


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