Dog and Baby Videos to Melt Your Heart

Since February is the month of love, we thought it would be a good idea to show you a few videos about love. Who doesn’t love dog and baby videos? Put these two together into short videos showing their love for each other and you have the recipe for a heart melting video. We hope these videos make your day as much as they make ours.


Husky and Baby Cuddling

This baby tries to get the husky to play with her and then the husky decides to cuddle. This video is definitely adorable.


Dog Teaches Baby to Crawl


Part of love is helping the people you love. This dog proves just how much he loves this baby by trying to teach her how to crawl. In turn the baby tries her best to learn from the dog and intently watches his instruction.


Dog Tucks in Baby

Love is about caring for someone else, even when they can’t do anything back. This infant sleeping on the couch is covered by with a blanket by the dog and then the dog proceeds to tuck the blanket around the baby.


Dog Sings to Crying Baby


Some may say this dog only sings as a way to silence the noise coming from the baby but we like to think that this dog just wants to comfort his human pup in the best way he knows how.


Dog and Baby Girl Have Conversation


We may not know what these two are saying but we know it is adorable. These two seem to have a language all their own and we know this is a bond that will last a lifetime.

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