8 Tips When Bringing Your Dog to a Cookout

There is nothing quite like a summer cookout with your dog. The warm air, the freshly grilled foods and even water can make a great day full of fun memories. This is why many people love to bring their dogs with them to a cookout. If you plan on taking your dog with you to a cookout this year then here are a few dog safety tips you should keep in mind.


Use a Leash

If you are at a park, then most will require your dog to be leashed. If you are at a person’s home then you may still want to keep your dog leashed. This will keep them from getting into things they shouldn’t and allow you to keep track of them at all times.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you are the one hosting the cookout then you will want to think about asking for help when it comes time to grill. Your dog should not be around the grill as they can get hurt or even cause safety issues if they knock over the grill. If it means better dog safety don’t be afraid to ask. Most people don’t mind helping.


Keep Citronella Out of Reach of Dogs

Citronella is toxic to dogs so while you want to keep the mosquitos at bay, you should also make sure that the citronella is out of the way of your dog.


Don’t Get Your Dog Drunk

Some people think it is funny to give their pets alcohol. They figure they enjoy the feeling, so their dog must as well. Even if your dog does enjoy this, it is not conducive to dog safety because it can cause serious health issues for your dog.


Watch the Foods Your Dog Gets

When you have a cookout generally people will want to feed your dog. Having a small snack here or there isn’t bad for your dog as long as it is dog safe food. However, you want to be aware of how much your dog is being fed and what so you can ensure this does not cause any issues.


Watch Children with Your Pet

Another important aspect of dog safety is to watch children around your dog. Even if your dog is typically good around children this can still be an issue. Make sure you ensure they are playing nice with your dog just as your dog plays nice with them.


Your Dog May Need a Break

If you notice your dog being apprehensive, or seeming on edge, then it is time to take them inside and find a quiet place for them to relax. This is important because anxiety with dogs is a real thing and something you should take seriously.


Make Sure Any Products You Use are Pet Safe

You may want to put sunblock on your pup or even an insect repellent. However, before you lather your dog, you should make sure the product is safe for pets. For optimal dog safety, make sure it is a product intended for pets, not just one that the internet says will be fine for your pet.

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