Alternatives to Leaving Your Dog in a Car This Summer

By now, we all know you shouldn’t leave your dog in the car. The temperature inside the car can escalate quickly and become fatal to your dog. Some people feel like they have no other alternative when they are out and about with their dog. If you feel like this, then you should know that there are are some alternatives for dog safety rather than leaving your pet in the car.

Take the Drive Thru

This is great for people who plan to go to get something to eat. Rather than just leaving your pet in the car, take the drive thru. This will allow you to get the food you want- and maybe even something for your dog- without having to leave them in the hot car.

Use the Buddy System

If you like to take your dog with you while you run errands, you can’t just leave your dog in a car while you do so. The alternative here for dog safety is to bring a friend along with you. This way you can either leave the car running with the air on while they keep your pet entertained and watch the vehicle or they can play with them outside while you are taking care of the errands.

Shop Pet Friendly Store

You should find out which of the stores you frequent are pet friendly. It may surprise you how many there really are. This is great because you can get the chance to take your dog with you into the store. It can be an adventure for both of you.

Consider Dog Friendly Restaurants

So maybe the drive thru simply won’t cut it. You may be craving a food that is more than just hamburgers and fries. Or perhaps you just don’t want to eat in the car. Either way, you will find that a dog friendly restaurant can be the solution to this. Just make sure you know what the restaurants policies are in regards to pets.

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