Bentley the Bulldog Goes for a Helicopter Ride

Who is Bentley?

Splash and Dash for Dogs investigates all kinds of pet channels and Bentley the Bulldog is one of our favorites. Bentley is a YouTube star posting videos from the channel named after him, Mister Bentley the Dog. Bentley is a cute bull dog that gets into all kinds of funny and cute internet antics.

Lately he’s been riding helicopters with the help of Vlogger Tom Cassell otherwise known as Mr. Syndicate. Mr. Syndicate is the founder of the SyndicateProject which posts gaming and lifestyle videos. With the team’s help Bentley got his chance to fly, and become famous!

The video titled, Cruising the Pitt River with Bentley and is aptly named. shows The viral dog was flown as copilot on a helicopter ride up Pitt River and Mr. Syndicate filmed the whole thing. Watch as they go airborne and Bentley just stares out the window as if her were on a regular boring old car ride. Bentley’s owner eases the Bulldog asking, “You OK bud?” while he pets his back. They made sure to make pet safety a priority for this doggie.

Splash and Dash for Dogs is always amazed with dogs and their owners. Bentley is one cool dog and we hope you watch this video and check him out.


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