Bring the Holidays Home This Month with Pet Stores

Dashing through the pet stores  in a one dog pickup truck, all the horns we blow, barking all the way! Bark, bark, bark!

Christmas is coming and it’s time to reward your dog for her loyalty, his playfulness, and the wonderful addition she has made to the family over the last year. There are so many things that you could do for your dog when the Christmas season comes around that it’s hard to imagine not knowing what to do. However, instead of just picking up your dog’s favorite bone from the store, here are a few other ideas that you can do instead of or in addition to your usual doggie Christmas gifts from the pet stores.


Dog Grooming \"dog_groomers\"

An excellent Christmas gift for any dog is a dog grooming trip. You can find grooming places inside of most pet stores . Not only is it fun and rejuvenating, but it is also good for your dog’s health. If you’re looking for a way to be fun and practical this Christmas, consider taking your dog to the groomers. This can help out pet parents in many ways. Dog grooming often takes a couple of hours depending on the size and coat of your dog as well as which services you’re going to get done. This can give you the chance to do Christmas shopping while your pup is being cleaned. Just remember that dog grooming  isn’t daycare so pick up your dog promptly once they’re done.


New Winter Jacket

If your pup has a tough time in the cold, consider getting her some new winter fashion from pet stores , but only do so if she needs the jacket or likes dressing up. If you’re getting her dog clothing for practical reasons (like to stay warm), remember that not all sweaters are created equally and many of them may not actually keep your dog warm.


\"pet_accessories\"Doggie Gift Basket

While at pet stores , pick up all of your dog’s favorite things from treats to toys to whatever else you can think of and arrange your own doggie gift basket. These can be fun and great ideas because you can specialize them with a large bakery good for an extra yummy treat while also putting in dog necessities like training treats. If your dog has any toys that need replacing, now is also a great time to do it during the Christmas season spending.


Filtered Doggie Bowl

While this might seem a bit extreme to some, filtered and fountain water bowls from the pet stores  actually offer health benefits to dogs and cats alike. It can encourage drinking where some animals have a tendency to dehydrate themselves. It has also been proven to help prevent urinary tract infections due to dirty water. What better gifts are there for the holidays than ones that are not only fun, but healthy?

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