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How to Choose the Best Pet Wash for Your Dog

Make Sure You Are Taking Your Dog to a Quality Pet Wash

Imagine skipping a few weeks without shaving, showering, or brushing your teeth and hair. You might start to feel like you\’re back at Woodstock again. For living things to be happy and healthy they need to be clean and hygienic. This goes for your pets too!  Dogs need to visit a high-quality pet wash to maintain their cleanliness.

Dog grooming brings pets and pet parents closer together. It\’s a bonding experience. Regular brushing and other simple grooming procedures help your dog to trust you. Attending to your pet also helps you stay on top of their condition. Everyday brushing is a small inspection of their fur, skin, teeth, nails, and ears.

This is good practice. Often medical issues can be prevented when pet parents and groomers are able to spot infections, inflammation, or lumps discovered while brushing. Dogs and other pets aren\’t just getting bathed at the pet wash, they\’re also receiving services like nail trimming, hair trimming, cleaning of the ears and anal glands, teeth brushing, and parasite control.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique offers all these services and more!

But, do you need to visit a professional pet wash every time your dog needs grooming?

Decide If Your Dog Needs Professional Grooming

When figuring out if you should take your pet to the groomer you need to take inventory of your dog\’s needs. How often does your dog or cat need be washed? The decision also depends on your comfort level. Do you have enough time and knowledge to regularly groom your pet?

Many cat owners are usually comfortable with grooming their short-haired cats. Where it gets tricky is nail trimming, but if you feel capable then you should be fine. Same thing goes for your dog. If you can get your dog into the bath without making a mess and they only need a haircut once a year, you could opt for skipping professional grooming.

However, if you do not have the time, tools, or experience to properly groom your pet—please consider using professionals. Many dog breeds need their coats groomed particularly. This style of trimming requires professional experience. Other dogs like Huskies have a double-coats. If you do not trim their coat properly you could interfere with your dog\’s natural ventilation and temperature regulating processes.

Also, professional groomers are a line of defense for preventable care. The workers at the pet wash are trained to safely and humanely handle sensitive procedures. Dog groomers work well with frightened or temperamental animals that need some gentle coaxing to allow themselves to be groomed. Removing severe mats must be handled by experienced groomers to avoid accidentally harming an animal.

Deciding is not as easy as flipping a coin. Do what\’s best for your dog!

Finding a Groomer You Can Trust

You might be thinking to yourself, \”OK, Do I know a pet wash near me? Are they any good?\”

You can find a dog grooming salon by asking around. Get a recommendation from friends, veterinarians, dog trainers, or online. Check Yelp, the Yellow Pages, or Google \”pet wash near me\” and browse through the reviews. If needed, you can contact the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

Some groomers are registered or certified by a grooming school or professional association, but the government does not regulate or license pet groomers. This makes checking reviews important! Especially when it comes to your beloved animal.  You don\’t want to take your dog to a place that will neglect or even abuse your dog. It\’s unfortunate, but it happens. Take an objective look at a few customer reviews before scheduling a visit.

Inspect the Facility

Before you book an appointment take a tour of the place first. Here are some criteria points to consider when checking a groomer out.

  • How does the facility smell?
  • Does it look clean?
  • Is the place well-lit?
  • Does the staff appear friendly and knowledgeable?
  • Are pets monitored regularly in the kennel?
  • Do the groomers use heated blow drying or towel drying?

Make Sure Your Dog is Relaxed for The First Visit

Ensuring that your dog is calm before going on a trip anywhere is important. Make sure your dog is adequately exercised before leaving.

If you have a younger dog or puppy it\’s always a good idea to acclimate them to grooming procedures early. Before taking your dog to a pet wash, you should brush them regularly and handle their paws so the experience won\’t be foreign to them. Ideally, this should start the first week a new dog arrives in your home.

If you have an anxious dog, speak gently to them. Give them plenty of treats or bring a blanket and toys to help them feel secure. You want to reinforce the idea that the pet wash is a safe place for them.

Just like leaving the house, you will want to keep your goodbyes short and sweet. The more dramatic you make your exit the more your dog will react to your departure. Calmly say goodbye and take your exit. This will keep your pet\’s stress level low. Also, if you chose a trained professional pet wash, the staff should be helpful with the transition.

Inform Your Groomer About Your Pet\’s Care

As you make an appointment, this is your time to share all the vital information about your pet\’s health and temperament. If your dog doesn\’t like to be approached from behind or has a skin condition, you need to let your groomer know.

Even little details like a new diet your pet is on are important. Your dog will probably earn a few treats at the pet wash so if your dog has a sensitive stomach or is on a diet, let them know.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique

If you live near one of the Splash and Dash locations consider taking your pet to get a pet spa treatment. The pet wash handles all the standard services like bathing and trimming etc., but you can also give your dog some spa therapy. Dogs need to have tranquil rest and relaxation too! Your pet might really love getting a facial, pawdicure, or aromatherapy treatment at one of the Splash and Dash locations.

From all of us here at Splash and Dash we genuinely wish you good luck finding a loving pet wash that your dog will love!

Play Dirty. Live Clean.

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