Cool Off by Watching These Dogs Play in the Pool

Splash and Dash for Dogs loves watching dogs have fun in every season, but since we’re in the heat of summer we could all use a refreshing dip in the pool, even if we’re just watching dogs do it online. From the Youtube Channel Kyoot Animals, which posts videos of literally “cute” animals, comes the video simply, Dogs in Pools. As the title suggests, this is what you will be watching when you hit play. Hit play. You won’t be disappointed. All different kinds of breeds are featured in this video from Dachshund\’s spraying German Shepherds in the face with a hose too a Rottweiler falling asleep in a pool inflatable donut. One of our favorite moments at Splash and Dash for Dogs happens at 1:03 when 6 Maltese doggies are all floating on a plastic rubber tug boat, so cute! Watch this video to escape the heart (even if it’s only in your mind), and enjoy the dogs and the rest of summer.

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