Cool Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog

Since August is all about back to school, we thought it would be fun to give you some ideas for tricks you can teach your dog. Each of these videos has a tutorial to show you how you can teach your dog to do each of these fun tricks. So look through these and see what intrigues you.

Cover Your Eyes

Wouldn’t it be fun to have someone over and before they show you something risque tell your dog to cover their eyes and they do? We think so which is why we put this video on the list.

Turn the Lights On and Off

Do you ever feel lazy and don’t want to turn off or on a light? It can even be useful when your child wants their light on in the room because they are scared but you are busy. Just send your dog to the rescue. Why not teach your dog to do it for you? This is a fun trick that can prove to be quite useful.

The Limping Dog

This is a fun one if you want to freak people out. Or even if you want to get your dog into the show business. Teaching them to limp is not always an easy feat and will take practice. However, once
complete it can be a lot of fun as a party trick.

The Infamous Bang Trick

Everyone loves the bang trick where you pull out your finger gun and tell your dog to stick ‘em up. Then you pretend shoot by saying bang and your dog flops to the floor and plays dead. This is one of those tricks that never really gets old and is so much fun to show people.

Clean Up and Carry Things

If you are like most pet parents you probably clean up dog toys numerous times a day. Now imagine a world where you can tell your dog to pick up their toys and they do it! This is an attainable reality when you teach your dog this trick with the tutorial here.

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