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Is Dressing Up My Dog A-OK? Or, Should Clothes for Dogs Stay On the Rack?

First, there\’s National Dress Up Your Dog, Cat, Horse, Guinea Pig, Goat, Pig, Fish…Pet Day! Emphasis on dogs. Then there\’s July 4th, Halloween, and somewhere in between the year, your dog\’s birthday. All these days, plus when you get to hashtag pictures #weeklyfluff, are great excuses to grab some clothes for dogs and throw a fashion show!

What is cuter than a Dachshund dressed like a Hot Dog at a friend\’s Barbecue? A French Bulldog dressed like a Frenchman or even French fries, yes! Or, what about a Chihuahua adorning a Taco Suit for Cinco De Mayo? A Pug dressed as a lion is always a hilarious sight!

Appareling clothes for dogs is too much fun! It\’s a way to involve your pet in the holidays, get your Instagram game on point, and even represent your favorite sports teams. But, how do your pets feel about the charade? Before we tell you how to arrange clothes for dogs to create fabulously cute costumes, we\’ll dive into the dog pile of ethics first.

Paws and Reflect: Should We Dress up the Dog?

You know your dog best! You know their temperament—what makes them comfortable, and what makes them go crazy. If your dog is anxious and hates unfamiliar experiences, you should probably opt out of dressing them up. If your dog doesn\’t mind the shenanigans, we say go for it! Dogs have been putting up with human silliness for thousands of years. The only thing a dog loves more than treats is you! So if your dog has the personality to let themselves be safely wrapped in clothes for dogs, then sure, adapt your favorite wizard movie into your dog\’s next Halloween costume—Harry Barker.

Pet parents also need to consider the weather. During the cold months, some dogs actually might benefit from being wrapped in a sweater. Ice melting chemicals and snow itself can be harmful to a dog, so booties over their paws will help their paws stay healthy. Not all dogs are genetically predisposed to cold northern weather and an extra layer will keep them warm. On the other side, Nordic dogs have an extra layer in their double coats. This keeps them naturally insulted and regulates temperature. Putting them in clothes could overheat them.

Safety First:

  • Take Measurements. Clothes that are too loose can\’t trip your dog. Clothes for dogs that are too tight will be uncomfortable and possibly suffocating.
  • Materials. Wool, silk, and flannel will keep a dog warm, but cotton is more breathable. If if is snowing, cotton will also get wet. Keep these things in mind.
  • Be attentive. If your dog is showing signs of discomfort undress them!
  • No pants. Dogs can\’t possibly walk with pants on. Plus this is not going to be fun when it\’s time for them to use the bathroom.

Dog Anxiety Relief Clothing

Many pet parents swear by products like ThunderShirts—a vest that applies gentle swaddling pressure that comforts a dog. A dog\’s evolution points to this gentle pressure giving them relief from fireworks or lightning. Similar to cave beds, some dogs like to be nestled. This replicates the burrowing habits of their ancestors. Clothes for dogs are designed to mimic this same sense of familiarity.

How to Style and Make Your Dog Fab in Clothes for Dogs

Dress your dog to fit their personality. If your bulldog has the bad to the bone biker attitude, put a Harley Davidson bandanna over him and spiky black collar.

Maybe your newly adopted mixed breed just has the air of stoicism calling you to dress them up like a philosopher. Some drapery to serve as a toga and a purple sash will have them looking like Socrates in no time. What about the sports? The summer baseball season is rounding home plate and you want to make your pup the most popular pooch at the tailgate!

Most sports teams have clip-on-hats that will sit comfortably on their head representing the Yankees, Cardinals, or the Cubs depending on your team. If you want to go neutral you can dress them like an umpire or even as the baseball itself. Nothing cuter than this!

More Dog Costume Ideas:

  • BatDog
  • CornDog
  • Great White Bark
  • Yo-Dog (Yoda)
  • Beggin\’ Bacon
  • Princess
  • Dog-Tini
  • Bark-O-Saurus-Rex
  • Baked Pugtatoe
  • Kissing Booth

If you decide to dress up your dog for any event be sure to play it safe! Your dog can’t slay the runway without being comfortable and content in their cool new attire. Sometimes all you can do is snap some pictures of your pooch in clothes for dogs then call it a day. For even more dog DIY costume ideas click here!

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