Your Dog Can Now Use the Restroom at the Airport

Ever taken your pet to the airport only to feel the strain of trying to figure out what  to do when they have to go potty? Most airports are not designed to be pet friendly, which can be very stressful for the pet, not to mention the pet parents who have to find accommodations for their pets. Thankfully Kennedy Airport has made some improvements to make their airport more pet friendly in the last couple weeks with the introduction of pet restrooms. The cool thing is that while these look like they are designed for dogs, they can also be used by cats.


The Old Way of Doing Things\"yoshi

In the past, and even at other airports, pet parents are forced to just wait until their pet has an accident in the terminal and then clean up the mess. The only other option is to go outside, which can be frustrating as it means you have to go through security once again. This is not only time consuming but a hassle as well. One that makes many pet parents think twice before bringing their pet along, even if they are an emotional support animal.


The Design of the Bathroom

\"shutterstock_260692613__1453910776_84213\"Ask anyone who travels regularly, Kennedy Airport has one of the best restrooms out there. Now their bathrooms have gotten even better by offering pet restrooms. These stalls were designed by a Manhattan nonprofit organization and are designed to provide pet parents with everything their pet needs. In these restrooms you will find stalls with fake grass and a fire hydrant where your pet can do their business. There are poop bags  And just like any other bathroom stall out there, you will find  a sink and necessities to wash your hands after taking care of your pet. Along with this there are hoses so the stalls can be easily cleaned.


The Future of Pet Restrooms

While there is no guarantee that other airports will follow suit with pet restrooms, we are hoping that this catches on. It is convenient to pet parents and will make traveling with your pet easier on pet parents as well as pets. Only time will tell whether this is something that will catch on or just be a feature that makes Kennedy Airport unique.

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