Popular Pomeranian Haircuts

The grooming industry is a place of pageantry. Groomers deservingly equate themselves to artists. They are proud of the end results of each furry client. A groomer\’s day at work can be a tough job sometimes. Between intricate Pomeranian haircuts, caring for senior dogs with limited mobility, and ensuring the care of each dog, it\’s a hard day\’s work. It takes a specialized touch to ease anxious dogs into calming down in the foreign environment of a pet salon. Groomers are also responsible for delivering preventative care. As a groomer trims each dog, they are conducting a wellness check. Searching a dog\’s skin for possible signs of medical ailments and checking coat-health is part of the responsibility. A special kinship develops between doggie clients and groomers.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique owners are the ones who customers will speak with while they visit a shop. Ownership relays the wishes of each client to professional groomers who give dogs their haircuts. It\’s important for customers and owners alike to be very specific about what they want for their dog. There are industry terms that are used by groomers but differ in meaning. A puppy cut at one salon can mean something different at another salon. Some grooming techniques, like Pomeranian haircuts, are very stylized. Discuss the specifics of the grooming from ears to toes so that everyone is on the same page.

Shaving: Good or bad for Pomeranian Haircuts?

Another important thing to discuss with customers before they decide on any Pomeranian haircuts is shaving. Pomeranians are nordic dogs with double-coats that help insulate them in the cold. During the summer, a pom\’s double-coat helps regulate their temperature—cooling them down. If a customer decides to shave their pom down as a puppy, this could forever affect how their coat grows back. In some cases, shaving into the lower layer will prevent the coat from ever growing back to its original state. A coat will grow back in patches or much thinner than before shaving. Shaving also exposes the elbows.  A pom\’s coat normally buffers exposed joints to carpeting or rough surfaces.

Many Pomeranian haircuts require shaving. Shaving is a controversial issue when it comes to grooming. Speak with customers about different options. The best way to avoid any mishaps is a thorough conversation with your clients. A client may unknowingly ask for a specific trim that requires shaving, without knowing the haircut\’s implications. Explain that keeping their poms the healthiest possible is our goal. If an owner decides to give their dogs one of the iconic Pomeranian haircuts like the teddy bear cut, they are going to need to maintain this cut for the rest of their dog\’s life.

Types of Pomeranian Haircuts

The American Kennel Club recognizes the Pomeranian as the 22nd most popular dog breed. Poms are little balls of fur that need tons of grooming maintenance whether an owner decides to shave or not. To keep a pom\’s coat from developing matts, regular bathing, trimming, and brushing need to be administered.

Let\’s explore some of the most popular Pomeranian haircuts out right now.

Teddy Bear

A now-famous Pomeranian named Boo set the grooming world on fire after he went viral with his adorable haircut that made him resemble a darling teddy bear. Depending on clients\’ wishes, you can shave a pom all the way down or leave some fur. The haircut begins with a rough cut—evening out the pom\’s body fur. Scissor trimming then sets the head for the teddy bear look by blending the fur from the dog\’s head into the body. The result is the poofy head typical of a teddy bear. The rest of the dog\’s grooming needs like paws, ears, and glands are scissor-cut with no differences. This haircut is the loveable favorite for pom owners all over!

Lion Cut

Playing off the regal nature of a pom, this is another of the most popular Pomeranian haircuts. The lion cut retains a full mane around the dog\’s head, shoulders, face, and chest.  Again, begin with trimming down the pom\’s body fur. Your groomer will most likely use a #7 blade to trim down the dog\’s body fur. The tip of the tail is left untrimmed for a puff that resembles the king of the jungle. The mane of the Pomeranian will need regular brushing to keep from tangling. You can advise clients to consider using Nourish conditioning, which helps keep skin healthy while it\’s exposed to the elements. With the proper care, this Pomeranian haircut will have everyone roaring!

Puppy Cut

Some groomers interchange the Pomeranian haircuts puppy cut with teddy bear cut. Puppy cut definitions are usually according to breed. For a Pomeranian, the term puppy cut could mean different things. Typically, a groomer will ask clients a few questions to get a better idea of the look the customer truly wants. A puppy cut means healthy trimming of the body, legs, tail, ears, face, and top of the head. Depending on the pet salon traditions, a puppy cut doesn\’t mean shaving a dog down. A puppy cut is essentially the monthly trimming every Pomeranian needs for cleanliness. It doesn\’t hurt that it\’s super-cute too!

Show Cut

The Westminster Dog Show follows the American Kennel Club\’s definitions of breed standards. The AKC standards don\’t allow any major altering of a dog\’s natural coat. According to the AKC\’s breed standards, a Pomeranian can only receive light trimming of the coat to neaten it and keep its natural shape. Slight trimming of the ears, feet, and anus will clean up any loose hair. We recommend trimming these areas. Sanitary areas should be trimmed and under the feet need to be clipped to around a 1/2 inch in length. Inside the ears, the hair is removed to prevent infections. Shaving or grooming styles that change the natural lines of hair are not allowed. The goal of a show cut is to a highlight a pom\’s natural elegance.

Working with Clients

It\’s important to understand why clients want to have their Pomeranians shaved down to a more manageable length. Without regular Pomeranian haircuts, a dog\’s coat will need incessant brushing. Discuss this with your clients, as well as the health implications to find the best choice for each dog.

For more information on Pomeranian haircut techniques, click here!


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