Pomeranian Loves Getting His Haircut

Dog Grooming People Love Pups Like This

In the dog grooming industry, you get to see a lot of cute faces every day. It makes it a joy to come to work. All day long you’re surrounded by dogs that come in dirty and leave clean. Not only do they get bathed, but they leave with an awesome new hairdo. It’s really rewarding work. But what makes it even better, is seeing the smiles being returned by the dogs we work on. This video shows just that. The all too familiar face of a doggie smiling back at you while you give him his haircut. Pure joy!

The video was uploaded by YouTube user Spyder Black and is titled Pomeranian\’s cutest reaction while grooming his hair. The title is fitting, we know! Dog grooming is an art and takes a lot of practice and patience. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique pride ourselves on the best dog grooming service possible. We treat dogs like the family (sometimes maybe a little better than the family haha) and love it when we have a house full of loving doggies.

For more information on where you can take your furr-baby for some dog grooming click here.

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