Puppies Try Things for the First Time

Pet News Puppies Try New Things

We have found a groundbreaking video in cutesy pet news. Read below to dive into the lovable world of puppies.

Watching a puppy figure out the world around them is one of the cuttest and most heartwarming things known to man. If you like watching these kind of videos, you’re not alone. The internet is overflowing with adorable videos  like these for you to browse through. Don’t feel guilty about it. Studies have shown that watching videos like these online actually helps lower cortisol–the stress hormone. This video is one of the cutest we’ve ever found. Footage of all different kinds of breeds of puppies go through the confusions of life for the first time.

The video is titled, Puppies Learning Things For The First Time, and was uploaded by the YouTube channel BuzzFeedBlue.

The video begins with three adorable little French Bulldogs finding out, that behind the back door there exists a whole new world called ‘outside.’ The puppies stumble over the sliding glass door frame, and are hesitant at first. They’re still trying to get their bearings. Soon they’re over the door frame and running in the grass for their first time ever. When the French Bulldogs learn how great the grass is in the backyard, this is nothing short of breaking pet news.

Our favorite moment in the video is when a little Golden Retriever puppy plops into the water for his first time. His parents are with him and he watches as they swim happily in the water. You literally see the little guy muster the strength to slide head over heals into the swimming pool. You can bet he ran to tell his brothers and sisters the glorious pet news that wet stuff isn’t so bad.

We’re proud of all these little guys at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique and we hope you enjoyed the video!

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