Sweater Weather Makes Dog Snore

Sweater Weather Makes Dog Snore

Finally it’s that time of year again! The days a shorter, pumpkin spiced lattes are being served, and we can break out those awesome Fall sweaters again. The cold air makes everyone a little more lazy, even our dogs. This video shows the laziest dog settling into the cold air in this YouTuber bmusilTV’s video, little doggie Rocket.

Rocket is snoozing away with his brown sweater which is keeping him warm. His snoring is anything but subtle. You can tell the little guy is dreaming about chasing cars, as he twitches in his sleep. Rocket’s snoring sounds like Grandpa’s snoring during the lull is the Macy’s Day parade. Deafening, with a couple of intervals of sniffling.

This doggie’s snore fest is captured in this hilarious video as he rocks the cutest pet supplies sweater that looks more like a cardigan on this distinguished pup. You can tell this dog is getting closer to his golden years, because he’s sleeping with his eyes open. Another quirky characteristic of Grandpa that Rocket has in common. Quriky, and sometimes even a little creepy. But hey, we think he’s a super cute old man.

When the cold weather turns to snow, Splash and Dash recommends getting your dog a cool sweater so they can look stylish and stay warm this Fall. Enjoy the video!


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